2019 unlimited desktop apps.

i had the great opportunity to intern at github during summer 2019. there i became part of the electron core team and joined the releases working group.

couple things i worked on were bugfixes (of course), everyday chores and bringing os-specific features to more systems. you might also notice a launch button on some of the api examples on electronjs.org - that was me as well.


2017 tennis in 2k17.


2016 jimi plays chrome.


2015 ice cold language.

hey there.

i'm micha, a computer science student based in lovely karlsruhe, germany. you'll usually find me experimenting with web technology, low-level hardware stuff or multimedia.

people consider me to be a musician - let's say i have a passion for homerecording and playing some instruments might be useful for that. what else... i believe the most important thing in life is to love god & love people.

caps are omitted here just for the sake of the argument. if that doesn't bother you, feel free to hit me up - i'm always down for a chitty chatty about tech, music, life or whatever you wanna talk about.