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About me

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Areas of interest: computer technology, music, mixing both
Being creative
Chrome is the only browser the world needs
DeerMichel first appeared as a Xbox gamertag
Endless list of projects
For more, check out the links above
Guitar is my favorite instrument
Hello. My name is Micha Hanselmann
ISTJ, although a tendency towards ESTJ exists
Jesus saved me
KIT - that's where I'm studying computer science
Lectures at 8AM as well as LaTeX are things I don't like
Music I enjoy: (pretty much anything) ... Spotify
Nestea is my coffee
People that inspired me: Steve Jobs, Haley Klinkhammer, (more tba)
Q - an O with a fancy tail (@source Urban Dictionary)
Real life is where you can find me usually between 9AM and 8PM
Software I primarily use: Logic, Atom, eclipse, Spotify
The website for surviving math assignments: Wolfram Alpha
U do know how a button works? Youtube
Vocals could be better
Win vs Mac - no need for discussion cause I get along with both
X - tried finding it all day long
Zzzzzzz - 7 hours of sleep needed for proper functioning