inspire people through technology and creativity.


micha hanselmann

things i built / worked on

waveterrain screenshot

waveterrain, 2023

wave terrain synthesis generates sounds from a 3d terrain. this interactive demo runs fully in the browser using modern web features.

soaky designer screenshot

soaky designer, 2022

portable sound design studio for building real-time audio instruments and effects through a modular dsp graph editor.

soundboard screenshot

soundboard, 2022

a live-performance music playground inviting everybody to get creative and to experiment with sounds.

budget screenshot

budget, 2020

a stripped-down tool to keep your daily expenses under control. it came to existence as a worthy replacement for my former excel sheets.

tlbchannels, 2020

my bachelor's thesis where i analyzed a hardware security vulnerability capable of breaking isolation in virtualized cloud environments.

electron, 2019

i had the great opportunity to intern at github during summer 2019. there i was part of the electron core team and joined the releases working group.

courtastic screenshot

courtastic, 2017

together with florian, we founded a sports tech startup and created a platform to revive tennis clubs in the digital age. later aquired by playsports.

pedalboard screenshot

pedalboard, 2016

i built this online live guitar pedalboard while experimenting with the web audio api. my favorite feature is the qr code board sharing.

arendelle header

arendelle, 2015

together with pouya, we envisioned a programming language designed to help you create beautiful things while learning how to program.

hey there

i'm micha, a software engineer currently working at microsoft skype as part of the platforms team. you'll usually find me experimenting with web technology, low-level hardware stuff or multimedia.

i'm deeply passionate about music, inspiring people and i take every day as an opportunity to grow. at the end of my life i wanna say that i'd loved god & people with all my heart.

that's me. feel free to hit me up - i'm always down for a chitty chatty about tech, music, life or whatever you wanna talk about.

recruit me

i'm always open for new opportunities.

what i'm looking for

  • jobs related to creative things (audio, graphics, pyrotechnics)
  • positions where i can inspire people and learn from others
  • new technologies & stuff i haven't done before

what i'm not looking for

  • jobs with the sole task of working off a kanban board
  • websites, crud apps, react dashboards, tables & dialogs, sap
  • maintaining haunted graveyards of legacy systems